• Boston 5G speed test results

    Consumer articles that push the benefits of 5G will quote "100 times faster than 4G", but due to the high-frequency nature of 5G, getting answers as to what speeds you can actually expect is vague until you have a 5G device in your hand. Compared to 4G, 5G throughput falls off much more dramatically with distance from your antenna, and...

  • Weekly Developer reading

    In a fast-changing dev landscape, it can be tough to keep up with the latest news. I gave up on constant refreshing of developer news sites/discussion forums a while ago in favor of reading a select few (weekly) digests by e-mail. It's important that they don't interrupt my daily tasks, but are there when it suits to do some reading.

  • Uses

    A couple of points on my daily setup environment.

    Editor & Terminal

  • 40% Keyboard Programming on Vortex Core

    I recently started using a 40% keyboard (vortex core) as my daily driver for the $dayjob . It's a nice compact board, but the default layout isn't very efficient for programming, where common symbols used in development are tucked behind less-accessible key combinations.